The PBX innovaphone offers a modular system, consisting of hardware, licences, interfaces and software, allowing you to solve complex communication-related business issues. The innovaphone solution fits in seamlessly to heterogeneous corporate structures. Gradual implementation and subsequent growth are guaranteed on this basis in any situation. A product central to the PBX innovaphone is the VoIP gateway. On one hand, it offers the hardware platform for the PBX software, on the other it is, at the same time, the interface to the classic telephone network. The wide choice of gateways
guarantees installation in multiple scenarios and, thanks to scalability, a nearly unlimited number of users.

The PBX innovaphone is sold exclusively through authorised distributors and retailers. Since it was founded in 1997, innovaphone AG has played a major role in the development of IP telephony. The company vision and its development work have been characterised by long-term guiding ideas, value retention, stability and continuity. This medium-size technology company currently employs around 60 people and is an all-equity financed firm. The company’s headquarters are in Sindelfingen. It has other sites in Hanover, Hagen, Berlin and offices in Vienna (Austria) and Verona (Italy).