Aastra BusinessPhone is a flexible solution, designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. Designed to support business growth, BusinessPhone links the different elements of your company with the help of IP telephony, advanced mobile technology and an extremely easy-to-use application platform.

BusinessPhone allows you to enjoy a wide range of features, from digital telephony to IP telephony and text messages. You can combine multiple features in order to perfectly adapt BusinessPhone to your needs.
BusinessPhone has solutions for businesses with 10 to 300 users. Here is a brief introduction to the extraordinary potential of the various members of the family:
BusinessPhone Compact: the simple solution for businesses with 10 to 30 extensions. This is an elegant, practical plug-and-play solution in a small, stylish cabinet with five digital telephones. BusinessPhone 50: this is the ideal solution for businesses with up to 64 users. BusinessPhone 50 uses the same cabinet as the Compact version, but includes two extra slots for additional cards.
BusinessPhone 250: perfect for businesses with up to 300 users. It allows you to use an advanced call centre with a capacity of 40 agents.
BusinessPhone 128i: this was created to adapt to your IP infrastructure. Supplied as a 19” system, to handle up to 128 users, it can be used for IP or classic telephony.
Upgrades: if you own a BusinessPhone, you can upgrade your solution easily and inexpensively to benefit from the latest technological developments.