The GANZ range stands out thanks to the completeness of the products on offer, integrating cameras and video servers of different sizes and with multiple features.

The cameras and video servers are divided into two families, all compatible with the most popular VMS software:
PixelPro: bullet, mini dome and CS-mount cameras which stand out thanks to the great levels of adaptability of the H.264 video encoder;
GXi: bullet, mini dome and PTZ dome cameras, stand-alone or rack-mount video servers and thermal cameras with native IP technology that support GANZ video analysis algorithms by licence installation.
Last but not least, various NVR solutions are available, including hardware and software solutions with different methods of scalability.
• PIXELMASTER: 4/8/16-channel NVR plug&play. Compatible in closed mode with PixelPro cameras and in open mode with GXi and Onvif Profile S cameras, these offer the easiest, most secure solution for high resolution installations.
• NR1 GXi: 4/8/16-channel NVRs. Compatible with GXi cameras and GANZ video analysis algorithms. Also compatible with cameras that support the Onvif Profile S protocol.
• VSoIP: modular scalable NVR platform to support GANZ IP cameras.